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La Vuelta 2019, Stage 16: Pravia > Alto de La Cubilla. Lena 09/09/2019 - 144,4 km

The 16th stage of La Vuelta a España precedes the second rest day. Two intermediate climbs and the long and unprecedented Alto de la Cubilla mark this 144.4 kilometres race. The stage is tailor-made for diesel-powered climbers. Men with stamina.

The first 50 kilometres are perfect to stretch the legs. Or to battle your way into the breakaway. Following the start the 16th stage of La Vuelta serves a sheer endless false flat to the first proper uphill stretches and the three big climbs.

The Puerto de San Lorenzo kicks in at kilometre 50. It is a grinding ascent of 10 kilometres with an average gradient of 8.5%.

Up next is the Alto de la Cobertoria, which is another slow burner. Again a prolonged false flat before the actual ascent of 8.3 kilometres goes up with an average gradient of 8.2%. The Cobertoria is a regular in La Vuelta.

 A short and steep descent brings the riders to the foot of the last mountain. Alto de la Cubilla links Asturias with its neighbouring region León. A 16 kilometres false flat precedes the actual climb. The Cubilla is a 17.8 kilometres grind with an average gradient of 6.2%. Maybe this more traditional Grand Tour climb can break the familiar pattern we have seen established on the succession of ramps, but as things stand, the race leader looks untouchable.

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    as things stand, the race leader looks untouchable.

    That's "Mr." Roglič, to you.  :s


    Looking at that layout, I have to imagine that Valverde will let his presence be known. Not that it will change anything, but he will likely be conspicuous throughout the day.

    Maybe Soler finally gets the green light for himself?

    Or will old man Pogačar (he turns 21 a week after arriving in Madrid) go for the hat trick in his pursuit of securing the  #white along with the third step on the final podium once-and-for-all?
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    looks more like the race is over though.
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